10 Tips For Optimum Brain Health & Minimal Headaches

When most people think “health” they think in terms of heart, muscle and fat.   However, one of the most important parts of our body often gets neglected:  the brain.

The good news is that the health of our brain often is impacted by the very same things that affect our bodies:  the food we eat, exercise, etc.  But our brains are also different:  they get exercised through mental activities as well.  So it is important keep your brain healthy in both ways.

Here are 10 tips to keep your brain healthy and minimize headaches:

1.   Drink lots of water throughout the day to stay hyrdrated

2.   Increase your protein intake, while minimizing empty processed foods

3.   Take three 10-20 minutes walks in the middle of your work day

4.   Go to bed early.  Get an extra hour or two of sleep each night.

5.   Play brain games.  I’m sure you’ve heard of Brain Age.  Old fashioned crossword puzzles work too

6.   Eat fish on a weekly basis for fatty acids.

7.   Commit to learning a new skill once a month

8.   Turn off the TV and read a book

9.   Decrease caffeine and alcohol intake

10.  Spend at least 1 full hour a week riding a bike or taking a jog


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    I’ve suffered with headaches for many years and have searched for the reason for them for many years. The ten tips posted are excellent tips, and as I’ve tried most of them over the years…it wasn’t the complete answer. NUTRITION plays a huge role. I thought I was eating healthy (most of the time), but our fresh foods don’t contain the nutrition they used to. Since I’ve started supplementing, my headaches are far and few between. My quality of life is so different now.


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