5 Most Expensive Spa Treatments

Does a massage or facial remove your stress? Are you fond of going to the spa and getting body pampering? If you are, then maybe a spa holiday will be ideal for you when you get the chance.

It’s definitely okay to splurge once in a blue moon particularly if it’s your overall health and wellness that will benefit from this unique kind of a holiday. Research shows that some 144 million people booked a spa visit in 2006, up by 10 percent from the 2005 figures.

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Here, we share some of the most expensive spa treatments you can take advantage of. They’ve been raved about because of the effectiveness of their services.

Grand Luxe Facial

This is offered at the Spa Radiance in San Francisco, California and costs $750 for each session. This three-hour long treatment performed by aestheticians includes Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion for skin exfoliation, Purikiss Microcurrent Disencrustation for removal of blackheads, brown spots and oil deposits and LED light therapy for rejuvenation of sun-damaged skin.

Microablation and Triphasic Combination Facial

This is a $500 treatment offered at Cornelia Day Spa in New York City. The procedure involves the use of an electromagnetic wand that is waved over the skin to reduce wrinkles, acne and chronic irritation such as rosacea and eczema. Contouring and sculpting of the face follows using a triphasic resonator that vibrates and emits heat.

Crème de la Mer

You can have this treatment at Urban Retreat situated at Harrod’s, a popular department store in London. For an hour and a half, you will undergo facial exfoliation using sea quartz and pure diamond dust. A so-called miracle broth is also used to make the skin softer and smoother.

Once the facial is done, the client is then given a hand massage and in the last part, a reflexology massage for the feet.

Evian Bath

This requires a person to sit in a tub with rose petals sprinkled in the water and it’s no ordinary water because a thousand bottles of Evian water are used for this purpose. For a whopping $5,000, you can pamper yourself in this kind of treatment at Hotel Victor’s Spa V in South Beach.

Six Hands Lava Stone Massage

The Grand Wailea Resort Hotel and Spa in Maui, Hawaii offers this luxurious body massage with the help of three people. It makes use of hot stones placed over the entire body and costs $450 per session.

If you’re planning to go on a spa tour, you can book conveniently for your trips online. Many travel websites including Expedia are very user-friendly and offers various services such as travel insurance as well.

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