Exercise in the Morning Provides More Benefits

There are very good reasons why we should exercise in the morning. Experts agree the first part of the day is the best time to do some physical fitness activities.

Firstly, a person has much willpower when he or she starts his day. Whereas if one decides to workout at night, he or she may no longer have the stamina because of the stress and workload during the day.

Secondly, research has shown that people won’t be tempted to munch on those sweet treats after a morning exercise. It’s not true that working out will make you hungry.

Thirdly, a morning fitness regime can boost one’s mood and confidence and research from the University of Vermont shows this positive mood effect can last up to 12 hours. For this reason, there’s a good chance the sunshine you bring can influence other people.

Did you also know that sweating it out in the morning can lead to productivity at the workplace? A study from the University of Bristol in England found that people who came from a fitness routine in the morning proved to manage their time at work very well.

Another reason why you need to do your exercise in the morning is its sleep benefits. Research findings published in Sleep showed that exercisers who do their workout in the morning do not have trouble sleeping at night. This only means that even if you stay up late at night after work for some get together with friends and colleagues, you can still sleep right afterwards.

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