Proper Sitting Position Equals Pain-Free Work

It’s a reality that more and more people, especially women, prefer to work at home today. It’s the most convenient work setup for them because of the many benefits to be gained – no travel costs, no need to dress up and one can take breaks whenever she wants.

Some operate a business online in the comforts of their home while the others are employed and work for a company on a home-based position. Normally, they set up their own equipment (computers, printers and telephones) and work in the different areas of their home which they find most comfortable. For most people, however, having a fixed desk in a separate room helps keep their focus on their business and office tasks.

The sad thing is that those who use their computer every day often complain about body aches particularly in the back and in their arms. These health issues usually arise from poor posture while sitting for long hours. Even those who are in the office also encounter this problem.


If buying an ergonomic chair is not within your budget, there’s are simple and cost effective ways to make sitting at the desk free from stress and body pain.

Monitor - This has to be at eye level if possible. Use several books or a stand to increase the height of your monitor. Looking downwards affects the scalene muscles at the front of your neck.

Keyboard and mouse - These two should be positioned away from you to let your arms rest on the desk.

Hands – Your hands need to be at a 90 degree-angle. This will allow the muscles around your forearms and elbows to relax.

Seat – When sitting, make sure your back touches the back of the seat so you can sit straight and not slouch. This also helps relax your back muscles.

Feet and legs – Your feet should be flat on the floor and not positioned under the seat. You may use a stool if your feet don’t reach the floor. As for the knees, they should be at right angles positioned in front of you.

Keep these tips in mind all the time or better yet, put a post-it note on your desk or your computer monitor to remind you.

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