How Health Can Make You Wealthy

I’ve already written a post on just how true it is that health is wealth, and how illnesses can drain you of your finances in no time. What I haven’t talked about though is how health can make you money.

I’m sure you know that good health will enable you to work longer hours and give you more freedom in terms of job choice, but that is not what I mean by health contributing to your wealth. What I am referring is not your own physical health,

but merely your health blog, which I guess is good news to you if you are not particularly healthy, since anyone can start their own health blog.

Health blogs are extremely popular since health is one of the life issues that every single person has had to deal with. It doesn’t matter whether that

person merely has a common cold he wants to get rid of as quickly as possible or is suffering from more serious ailments; the point is that you can be pretty sure that your health blog will have readers as long it contains informative and/or useful content.

Once you have a health blog, you can start making money from it through different monetization strategies, from affiliate ads to selling your own health related products. Your only problem then is finding a way to reach the millions of readers out there looking for information on their particular health issue. As a health blogger, this mean that you have try different avenues of promoting your blog.

One of the no fuss ways to promote your health blog is by using the services of web portals like Blog Search Engine. All you need to do is sign up your blog with them for $14.99 and get listed in their index as well as get reviewed. This will earn you a link and increase your visibility as well. You can also upgrade to packages that will earn you more links and make you the featured blog for the month.

After you do this, you can forget about the whole thing and concentrate on putting up good content on your health blog so as to attract more visitors and get the ones who do come to keep on coming back. Who knows, maybe your health blog just might make you wealthy.

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