Tips On How To Cut Back On Calories (Part 2)

So we talked about cutting back on calories when you’re having a drinking session with your friends. Now how about when you’re going about your daily routine?

Let’s talk coffee. I have to have coffee to start my day and to keep me going. Otherwise, I’d be as dead as a log. If you need that fix too, then I suggest staying away from lattes and flavored coffee. If you can take it black, take it black. If not, then simply get brewed coffee and add Splenda or Equal and just use a little bit of cream. Of course, you’d have cravings for frappes every now and then. Go ahead, just skip the whipped cream!

Now on to dessert…my sweet tooth gets the best of me sometimes. Here’s a trick that I’ve learned: when I get to the crust of a pie, I stop eating. The reason? It has a LOT of calories as it absorbs the butter! Ice cream anyone? Why not try frozen yoghurt instead? If you have to have ice cream, though, then have it placed in a bowl or cup instead of a cone. That’s extra calories that you don’t need!

What about regular meals? Let’s see…I love burgers but we all know how many calories beef has, so instead of beef burgers, why not go for turkey or chicken burgers instead? If you like sandwiches, go for pita bread instead of whole wheat or multigrain bread. As for the soup, go for light soup (minestrone, pho, etc.) instead of cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, and the like.

Ready to lose some weight?


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