3 Tips for Improving the Air Quality In Your Home

Indoor air quality

Regardless of where you live in the country, the air quality in your home can have a huge impact on your overall health and wellness. But the scary thing about knowing this is that we don’t always know exactly what the air quality in our homes is like. Just like becoming “nose blind” to smells, […]

5 Ways To Use Art To Promote Wellness

child drawing

There is a strong connection between maintaining a creative edge and feeling good about yourself. With a small bend and stretch of your attitude, from there you can consider the fact that one way to feel better, is to simply become more connected with the art world, even temporarily. So, for five ways to use […]

Four Tips For Staying Healthy On The Job


It’s always important to be healthy, but when it comes to the recovering recession, it’s even more important to stay healthy and not miss work. Now that there is affordable healthcare for some, and more people having insurance, it makes sense that people should be getting healthier. However, your health isn’t just about visiting the […]

4 Ways Addiction Affects You Financially


Everyone is aware of the high cost of addiction. It can ruin families, relationships and careers; but do you realize how much addiction can break you financially? Addicts and their families pay a hefty financial penalty for continuing an addiction; this loss can be in the form of wages, job opportunities, and expenses relating to […]

Three Things To Help Your Sore Joints


Whether you simply worked out too much, you have arthritis, or you are a chronic pain sufferer, there are many ways to help sore joints and other pains. Even pains from aging or overworking yourself (like repetitive motion injuries from your job) can be relieved, at least somewhat, through medical and alternative means. Pain management […]