How Taking Vacations Can Help Us Live Longer

Written by Teresa Te on July 15, 2014
vacations_live_longer “Google 'vacation research', and you’ll find all sorts of studies about how important time away is for your happiness, stress levels, and job performance,” says Cathy Wunder, Vice President at Global Discovery Vacations, a leading travel club based in Overland Park, Kansas. “We believe you have to disconnect in order to recharge. I see it in my own employees' performances. When they are given the chance to unwind, they come back with renewed energy and come up with even more ideas to make our members' vacations better.” Does this proposition hold water at all? Let’s check by looking into the possible benefits that vacations offer for our personal well-being.


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Promoting Health Within the Home

Written by Charlie on July 10, 2014


Most people spend the vast majority of their time in the home, so it should always be the place with the greatest focus on health and wellness. Small changes that are made inside your house or to your daily routine can have a huge impact on your overall health going forward, and these things cannot be ignored. Often, the small adjustments do not change how you live very drastically, despite the positive results, so it is worth your time to do your research and make as many changes as you can.

Increasing Natural Light

One thing that you can do is to work on getting more sunlight in the home. People who do not get enough natural light often suffer from ailments like depression. In fact, this is known as SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. The disorder puts people into depression in a cyclical pattern, and it most often sets in during the winter, when the days are short and people may not get outside at all. Simply opening your curtains or spending more time in rooms with many windows can help, and you should also consider getting a sun lamp, which produces a more natural light than many traditional lamps.

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Diseases That Can Be Linked to Family History

Written by Charlie on July 10, 2014


Sometimes there’s very little you can do to avoid illness or disease. Your family background comes into play, sometimes outweighing all of your healthy habits, such as eating farm-to-table organic, and exercising on a regular basis.

Just because your mother or grandfather had a certain disease doesn’t mean you’re doomed, however. It does give you extra information so you can head off disease before it gets out of control; it also lets you know the red flags to watch out for.

In other words, you might have a stronger chance of developing certain diseases compared to someone with no family history of them. The closer you are to someone on your family tree with a certain disease, the more likely you are to develop it.

Likewise, the more people in your family who had the disease, the more likely you are to develop it. That’s why knowing your genealogy and family tree can play a crucial role in taking care of your health.


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What’s All the Buzz about Argan Oil?

Written by Charlie on July 10, 2014


Argan oil has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Touted as a miracle cure, it can slow the aging process, reverse environmental damage, and regenerate the hair. Its health benefits are tremendous, ranging from a younger skin to weight loss, reduced cholesterol levels, better digestion, and whole-body nourishment. This rare and expensive oil can be used for preparing various recipes, applied to the skin, or used as a hair treatment.


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Supplements You Might Be Overlooking

Written by Charlie on April 17, 2014


Whether you’re of the Paleo, carb cycling, or old-fashioned “just eat healthy and move” persuasion, none of them is going to be perfect. There’s simply no nutritional plan that can provide 100 percent of all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins you need on a regular basis.

Even if there were, that would leave zero room for indulgences and cheat meals; you’d turn into a machine that consumes food solely to optimize your health … and that’s no fun. The good news is that many all-natural supplements can help you to maximize your health while letting you actually enjoy those healthy meals.

A multi-vitamin alone won’t do it; if it did, it’d be the size of a baseball! So make sure you’re getting the most out of your supplement regimen.


Types of Paternity Testing

Written by Charlie on April 15, 2014
pregnancy-belly An alleged father or mother do not have to sit and wonder whether or not a child is really his or hers. There are actually a few different options that parents can choose from to reveal a child’s paternity. Some parents might choose to do this in order to affect things like child custody or child support. When being used in a custody or child support case, there may be certain laws regarding DNA collection. Before having any testing done, parents should make sure they understand how the results of the test can be used or if they will hold up in a court case. Three common types of paternity testing are home kits, laboratories, and a prenatal paternity test. Home DNA Test Kits A home test kit is simple and easy to use. All it takes is finding a reliable company that can ship the kit to you. If you know you want a laboratory to process the DNA samples, you will need to pay the lab fee. Some companies will initially send you a free kit thats private and confidential. Should you choose to use it, you pay the lab fee later. Many home testing kits can still provide reliable results. You collect the samples yourself, often by just swabbing the cheek of the people in question, then mail the kit to the lab for testing. Once the test results are in, the lab mails them back to you.


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Why Playing Board Games is a Healthy Activity

Written by Teresa Te on April 8, 2014
The digital gaming consoles including the portable ones may be among the most popular form of home entertainment these days but nothing beats the enjoyment people gain when playing board games. They're still around with many households owning them and being played by people who like to have a more personal interaction with others. 20100921-PMN-Proudfoot-Family0004.JPG Playing board games for adults and kids has always been a fun and enriching activity, at least for those who grew up before the digital gaming gadgets were born. It does not only entertain families, siblings and friends but in fact, it also provides health benefits. Prevents Cognitive Decline One of the main benefits of playing board games is preventing dementia and Alzheimer's disease. This is because doing the activity helps the brain in building and retaining cognitive associations even among older people.

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Keeping Your Health Blog Alive and Kicking

Written by Charlie on March 31, 2014
Health blogs constantly talk about taking care of human well-being, avoiding sickness, detecting symptoms, and getting cures and remedies for sicknesses. But do you know that as a health blog owner, you need to take care of your site as well or else your message will not come across loud and clear? Besides, there is nothing attractive about a health site that looks near death. Here are some tips to keep your health blog alive and kicking: [caption id="attachment_2025" align="aligncenter" width="597"]Image Source Image Source[/caption] Take Care of It Take care of your health blog by putting quality content, having it listed in a reputable lifestyle blog directory, or a medical blog directory if the contents and authorship warrant such submission, and putting in new contents regularly. You're talking about health so take the effort to research and confirm your ...

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Fad Dieting – Infographic

Written by Teresa Te on March 29, 2014
America (and most of the world) are obsessed with fad diets, you may think that faddy diets are a modern day fixation but you will be surprised to know that they started as far back as the 19th century. The following infographic tracks all the different fads from as far back as 1863 to modern times.
Via: Mocavo - Genealogy Search

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How to Protect Your Ankles When Lifting Weights

Written by Charlie on March 28, 2014
56569779 Image Done correctly, lifting weights is a great way to build and strengthen muscle tone and improve respiratory rate. Done incorrectly, weight lifting can seriously damage parts of the body that are difficult to restore. A good weight lifting routine includes exercises for all body systems and parts, and the first step in creating a regimen is finding the right protective gear and knowing how to use it.

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