Four Tips For Looking Younger At Any Age


If you’ve never walked into a bar and been carded, even though you are in your 40s, but your friends have, you may be wondering how they do it. For many people, that younger look has to do with their family genes. Their parents and grandparents probably looked younger than their actual ages as well. […]

3 Things to Have Around in Life to Increase Your Wellbeing

couple preparing vegetables

Wellness is a highly debated topic. It’s illusive. Everybody wants it. Some know how to get it. Some know how to keep it. Some don’t know how they lose it so easy. It’s obvious that health and wellness are needed in life to make an individual happy. It can mean a lot of different things […]

Alternative Therapies You May Not Have Thought Of

art therapy

Everyone knows about the benefits of massage, yoga, and meditation. But there are some forms of therapy that aren’t talked about as much. That isn’t because they don’t work, they just aren’t as popular, yet. Therapy is an important part of recovery, so it makes sense to take on any type of therapy that could […]

4 Tips for Staying Healthy After 60


Aging is no cakewalk, and it can certainly take a toll on your emotional, mental and physical health. While not being as young as you once were may limit you in some aspects, there is no reason to become a recluse. Staying healthy is as much a mindset as a life choice and there are […]

The Health Benefits Of Talking About It


In the millions of health articles that are already encasing the web, you’ve read about eating right and exercise, and many other healthy things, but did you ever consider the health benefits of talking? Talking about your problems can often be one of the best modes of defense against numerous health problems, both mental and […]