3 Tips for Becoming a Bodybuilder


While bodybuilding has caught a lot of flack in the past, many people are simply jealous of the toned physique attainable by bodybuilders. Bodybuilders work to attain a highly muscled, “cut” look that minimizes body fat and increases personal strength. Becoming a bodybuilder takes a great deal more work than just simply working out on […]

How A Regular Visit To The Dentist Can Change Your Life

dentist at work

You may not think of the dentist as all that important, but when you realize the health of your mouth can affect the rest of your body, or that your mouth can detect other health issues, then maybe you’ll understand the importance of dental visits. Not only that, but a healthy mouth and smile can […]

3 Things Other Than Exercise That Will Give You Your Best Body Ever

mom with kids preparing salad

Almost everyone can recognize at least one area of their physical health where improvements can be made. Whether it’s getting in more exercise or quitting smoking, any steps you take toward having a healthier body will bring you closer to having your best body ever. And while you may never have the physique of a […]

Viewing Health and Wellness From a Government Perspective

health and wellness

Health and wellness from a personal perspective, or even as say, a parent or a guardian of someone, is one thing. But health and wellness from the government angle – now that’s going to be something completely different. Because as a politician or a leader of some sort, you have to remain both sensible and […]